4 channel house mixer
With 3 band EQ controls and Mic input
VCA Ultraglide crossfader
Dual BPM counters
47 On board effects
The DJX700 is a fantastic 5 channel mixer from Behringer. The mixer is fitted with Behringers 45 mm ultraglide faders with an expected 500,000 cycles life, they outperform standard faders more than twenty-fold. Each fader is also fitted with VCA technology, meaning that the audio signal does not run directly through them; instead, the faders only provide a control voltage to the VCAs. The advantage: practically no audio noise caused by mechanical wear. Also on board is a digital effects unit, capable of 47 different effects - delay, reverb, flanger, filter, pan, ultrabass, exciter, Vinylizer, voice changer and more. And finally, the DJX700 is fitted with an intelligent beat counter, featuring sync lock, and beat assist to help you keep the beats in time.

Pavadinimas DJ mikšerinis pultas (173,33 EUR)
Gamintojas Behringer
Modelis DJX700
Kaina 600.00 Lt